President game card online

president game card online

Play the famous President card game, also known as King & Scum, Scum, Ahole, on your Android Smartphone or Tablet!! Get rid of all your cards as fast as. Visit our website to play President Online or other great multiplayer games! n\ nThe first player to get rid of all his cards becomes President ; in the next round. Come and play our first online version of the classic card game, President! You can play alone or with your friends, in the same room or across.


President- Card game

President game card online - 2018 IIHF

You should select the 2 cards you want by asking them: When a 2 is played, the trick comes to an end, and a new trick begins. Javascript must be enabled to play this game. Canvas If you want to play this game you will need to upgrade your current browser or use a different browser! Put this code snippet on the position where the game should be shown: It may be best to hold your best cards till near the end in some cases. If you finish with High Scum, you loseand if you finish with low scum, you lose points. You are not logged in. Product Hunt Jetzt spielen mahjong spiele best new products, every day. Sorry, Unity Web Player does not work in your browser anymore! Any skips will be used as 2X multipliers for the current score obtained from the cards you laid. Move your mouse over the stars and choose a rating. Once no one else can play, the last player to lay down anything starts a new round.

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